Growing up as brothers in a small town made for an amazing childhood and we never could have imagined how those two things would collide again. The connection we have is something we never took for granted, so when it came time in 2018 to send Drew off to college a plan arose to ensure plenty more time together. The idea being – a hot dog cart.

Our plan was to jump from one sporting tournament, festival, fair or any event to the next all summer when Drew would be home from school. So in the fall of 2019, our family invested in a hot dog cart and started plans to make the idea come to life in the spring of 2020. As the spring arrived and the world changed, our business model had to adapt. With an investment from our Uncle Joe and the support of our parents College Dawgs Jerky was born. From the initial idea of a summertime hot dog cart to help keep family close, we transitioned into a family run beef jerky company.  While developing our recipes we found that the thicker cuts of round steak made for the most tender jerky. Hot or mild, savory or sweet whatever your flavor is, we hope you enjoy our “Steak Bites”. Thank you for helping to support our family’s business.

Drew & Daniel Occhipinti